Enjoy Always On Display on your Android with Always On AMOLED – BETA

Introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and LG G5, the Always On Display makes life easier for those who can’t keep themselves from turning the display on constantly just for taking a look at the new notifications or clock. Do you know that feeling too? Well, you can enjoy an Always On Display on your Android too, with the Always On AMOLED – BETA app right now.

However, I must warn you about something from the start. Not all devices have an Always On feature and like it or not, this may happen for a good reason: if your device has an LCD screen, being ‘always on‘ would consume much more battery life because the display will be fully powered on, including the black pixels. Therefore, bear in mind, the Always On AMOLED – BETA app is specifically for OLED/AMOLED panels. There’s nothing actually stopping you from using it on an LCD panel, but you may turn into a victim that witnesses a severe drop in performance and I am sure that this is not what you have in mind.

If this is though no problem, then let me tell you that Always On AMOLED – BETA offers several customization options and it is super easy to use. As you can imagine, you get weather and battery percentage toggles, some neat options for customizing the time, but if need features like app shortcuts and “OK Google” detection, you’ll need to think of the Pro pack.

This also removes the otherwise unobtrusive ads from the app interface and you even get extra functionality for those of you who install it into a rooted device. There’s even an option for Doze mode while the AOD is displayed, along with Greenify integration, so yes, you cannot regret downloading it.

Is it perfect? Definitely not and I am sure that you will need some time to accept those ads if the Pro version is not an option. And even if it is not as flawless as native AoD integration (no app is, you know), this one does pretty well at emulating how an AoD would look on your device.

So, take Always On AMOLED – BETA right now.

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