How to Enter Fastboot Mode on your LG G6

Here I will guide on how to enter Fastboot mode on your LG G6 since such a procedure is very important in various situations. The Fastboot mode is normally associated with update operations, but you can also use it for unlocking the bootloader of your Huawei P9, flashing a .zip file, restoring backups, getting rid of bloatware, downgrading your LG G6 back to stock Android OS and so on.

So, I don’t need to convince you that this is your next step, as a part of a bigger plan. If you have root access on your phone, you can easily enter Fastboot mode with the help of a dedicated tool from Google Play. All you have to do is to download and to install the Quick Boot app on your LG smartphone, run the software and follow all the on screen prompts in order to resume the reboot process. However, this isn’t the only way around!

There is an easier method and I am sure that this is what you are looking for, even if you are a hard-core Android user. Fastboot is featured by default on your device, which means you can access this environment without having to use any other tools.

Just remember to play safe! This mode isn’t enabled there for a good reason. I know that you love to get more freedom, but that’s precisely when things start to get more complicated. The absence of any restriction means that you have a higher chance of bricking your device, so use it with care or don’t use it at all!

How to Enter Fastboot Mode on your LG G6:

  1. Turn of your smartphone;
  2. Then, you need to prepare a Micro USB cable connected to PC or laptop;
  3. In the next step, start holding the Volume Down key for no more than a few seconds;
  4. While holding Volume down, connect the Micro USB cable to your LG G6;
  5. You should now release held key as soon as phone goes into Fastboot Mode.

I hope this guide was useful to enter Fastboot mode on this smartphone. Let me know if you need any help! That’s why I am here for!

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