How to Solve Galaxy S8 Plus Discharge Issue

Battery problems are bound to pop up even on the latest Android devices and your Galaxy S8 Plus is no exception. We all remember what a disaster was the company’s Galaxy Note 7 and it seems that battery problems are still haunting Samsung, even with amazing handsets such as yours. This time, batteries are not exploding, but Galaxy S8 Plus owners are complaining about a deep discharge issue.

For those who don’t know, this comes down to this: the handsets simply fails to boot up after the battery’s been completely discharged. Instead of simply waiting for the official fix for deep discharge issue, dr. ketan a senior XDA developer has coded an app which can fix the battery discharge issue on Galaxy Note 8.

Deep Discharge Protection Tool comes as an application that shuts devices down as soon as the battery percentage reaches 12 percent, preventing the bug from occurring. You even have the possibility to change the 12% value to another value now, with all those recent updates, even if I don’t see the point of doing that.

If you’re noticing the same problem on your own handset, try the procedure here described and then, if that doesn’t work, take it up with Samsung. Just remember that the app needs root access to actually shut down the device, even if it can be installed even on non-rooted handsets, so make no confusion.

How to Solve Galaxy S8 Plus Discharge Issue:

  1. Don’t hesitate to grab the Deep Discharge Protection Tool APK offered by dr. ketan;
  2. Transfer the APK on your Galaxy S8 Plus device;
  3. Now, it’s time to tap the downloaded APK in order to start the installation process;
  4. After completion, run the tool and let it do its job. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your Galaxy S8 Plus battery level is low and it isn’t actively being charged, Deep Discharge Protection Tool will make sure that you don’t accidentally forget to turn it off.

Note: the app app runs in the background, therefore it needs to stay in the background. If you normally use apps such as Greenify, then you should verify that nothing kills or hibernates the Deep Discharge Protection Tool or else the procedure is in vain and the issue will continue.

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