How to Install CM 13 Nightly Marshmallow on Google Nexus 10

Based on the AOSP Android 6.0 ROMs, you can now try the official CM13 Nightly custom firmware on your Google Nexus 10. Enjoying all the usual CyanogenMod features and extra customization might be your dream for a while, so I am sure that you are delighted to discover that you can now update your tablet to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

However, let me remind you that messing around with your Google Nexus 10 OS is not a joke or an easy thing to do even if you are not a newbie, so act carefully. I am not going to be responsible for any hardware or software issue arising from this CM 13 update process, so proceed at your own risk and don’t skip any of these important preparatory steps. You have been warned!

My first advice is to take a backup of your Google Nexus 10 data. So, if you haven’t done so already, now is the time to go into ‘Backup and restore’ and make a backup. You need to reboot the system after the backup in order to mount the internal storage to your PC again, move the backup there, and return into Recovery. Then, note that the latest version of a custom recovery (CWM or TWRP) should be installed on your device and rooting it is not really an option either – the Android 6.0 M CM 13 ROM can be installed only on a rooted handset that has a custom recovery image installed into its system.

Then, it’s time to enable USB debugging option on your Google Nexus 10 from Settings > Development Options > USB debugging and do not start the procedure if you have not previously checked the battery level of your handset. The handset should be charged at least about 80% to avoid unexpected shutdowns while flashing the Marshmallow ROM.

Best of luck for this procedure! Let’s go along with it!

How to Install CM 13 Nightly Marshmallow on Google Nexus 10:

  1. Download the CM 13 nightly for your handset by accessing this direct link;
  2. You must also take and the appropriate Gapps 6.0 package from here;
  3. Transfer the files to the internal memory of your device via USB;
  4. Turn off the tablet;
  5. Now, reboot it to Recovery mode. To boot into TWRP, press and hold volume down and power keys at the same time;
  6. It’s highly recommended that you perform a nandroid backup;
  7. After performing the ROM backup, go back to the TWRP main menu and tap the wipe button and select Advanced Wipe;
  8. Up next, select Dalvik Cache, System, Data, and Cache;
  9. From recovery menu, select install zip from sdcard, followed by choose zip from sdcard;
  10. Then, find the CM13 Android 6.0 Marshmallow custom firmware and confirm the flashing process;
  11. When the installation is done, do the same for the Gapps package;
  12. At the end, you just have to return to main recovery menu and reboot your device into the new custom ROM.

Note that the first boot may take a few minutes which might seem like forever, but that’s how things should happen. Do not panic and have patience!

If you encounter any other problem, just drop me a comment below, tell me all about it and rest assured that I will do my best to help you!

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