How to Fix Discharge Issue on Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 users are facing a serious problem which is directly related to the battery. They are dealing with the horrible battery discharge, meaning that if the battery drains completely and your smartphone shuts down due to it, then it simply refuses to boot up. Samsung has already acknowledged the issue and is currently investigating it, but you know that a solution takes time and patience from both sides.

Fortunately, thanks to XDA Recognized Developer dr.ketan, there’s a new solution to the problem: the Deep Discharge Protection Tool. The app is simple as it can do one major thing: it shuts down your Galaxy S8 automatically as soon as its battery reaches 12%. Meaning, it will prevent the handset from shutting down due to full battery discharge, which is the main cause of the problem.

The app doesn’t need root to work, but rooting your handset is a must to let the app actually shut down the device. I know that not all of you like the sound of it, but let me tell you that the developer says he’ll be working to fix the issue with the non-rooted devices. Until then, those of you who won a non-rooted Galaxy S8 device will be notified by two short beeps when the battery hits the 12% mark. After this happens, every 30 minutes the toll will come up with a beep louder and for a longer duration than the previous one. This will go on for about 2 or even 3 hours and might actually drain your battery faster, so be careful!

Do you want this tool too? Install the APK as you would any other APK. Make sure you have enabled Unknown sources in Settings > Lockscreen & security and once you check this option you will be able to install the file.

How to Fix Discharge Issue on Galaxy S8:

  1. For the start, grab the Deep Discharge Protection Tool APK that I have told you about;
  2. Move the APK on your Galaxy S8 device;
  3. Tap the downloaded APK. This will start the installation process;
  4. Then, run the tool and you know what will happen.

Keep in mind that all latest Android OS very closely monitor the apps running in the background, therefore there is a good chance that Battery Optimization operation might kill the app from background.

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