Deal with an Alien Invasion in Ookujira

Ookujira makes you deal with an alien invasion. While the story is worthy of a brow raise, the actual gameplay and visual elements complement it, so it’s fun and interesting at the same time and you should give it a try!

This time, Earth is under attack! The danger comes from those alien robots which appear out of the sudden and invade our beloved cities. You can only imagine that human technology cannot face the challenge of opposing such powers, but you can make a difference.

You basically have to fly out of the water and flip and flop across buildings hitting as many alien ships as you can. Oddly you seem to do way, way more damage to the city than the alien ships, but you can also bring death to those aliens and get high scores! Along the way you randomly encounter power ups. You can unlock more, but this is another story!

Ookujira also has another game mode called Slalom and you must give it a try too! In this case, you have to make it through as many gates as possible. Sometimes gates don’t recognize that you’ve passed through them, but even if it has this error, the mode is still entertaining. As the laser enemies, these ones are the worst of all. I know that they are so hard to see, so watch out and don’t say that I have not warned you!

And even though it is indeed free, I have to remind you that you have to watch out for the freemium content in-game. I hope that you don’t have a problem at this chapter! After all, this is how the developer plans to make money, so power ups are expensive and seemingly single use. This is what disappointed certain users and I am sure that if the developer made some sort of permanent progression system, then Ookujira would have been that much more addictive for all of us! But at least Ookujira isn’t filled with lots of pop up ads as it happens in other games!

If you want a free mobile game that comes with no compromises, Ookujira should be your choice. You can download the game by accessing this link.

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