Add a Countdown Widget on your Galaxy S9 Home Screen

When something important is about to happen, we tend to count down minutes, hours, days and months to that precise moment. Things are no different on your Galaxy S9, but here I have a way to forget all about the stress and anxiety of constantly checking your calendar to ensure you don’t miss important upcoming events.

There is a special app that you can install onto your Galaxy S9 so that when the event arrives there will be a pop-up notification, after which the event will disappear. The widget will display the number of days left to the event and display progress of ongoing countdown by drawing a colored circle. In case you started counting down in a middle of an event you can specify the number of days full circle stands for.

And I am sure that you will appreciate to discover how easy it is to get used to it and how colorful the displays would look like. As the name suggests, Countdown Widget is perfect, so try it out and see that by yourself:

How to Add a Countdown Widget on your Galaxy S9 Home Screen:

  1. Turn on your Galaxy S9 device and launch the App menu;
  2. Then, open the Google Play Store app;
  3. Well, you must now look for the Countdown Widget in the search box at the top of the screen;
  4. Take and install the app;
  5. Exit Google Play Store and go back to your Home screen;
  6. Launch the edit mode by doing a long press on any empty part of the screen;
  7. Click on Widgets on the Set Home Screen dialog box;
  8. Scroll and look for the Countdown widget and click on it;
  9. Now, don’t hesitate to drag the countdown widget app to the Home screen;
  10. At this point, a pop up screen will show and here you can input your settings. It’s time to choose your countdown date, give your event a name and if you want and you can also personalize your big event on the countdown with colors per your preference;
  11. This widget will now be displayed on your Home screen and you can choose to move it around wherever you would want it to be.

This is such a convenient way of reminding you of any important events that are about to come up, don’t you think?

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