Find out More about Galaxy S8 Edge Lighting

I’ve been listening to owner feedback, so here I am with the wish to tell you more about the Edge lighting feature of your Galaxy S8 smartphone. This is another Edge screen feature that basically lights up the edge of the display when you receive notifications from specific apps. To be more precise, the Apps edge displays your five most frequently used apps for you to access at a moment’s notice.

Even more, even when faced down, the edge lighting feature lights up the edge screen when you receive calls or notifications.

You can decide when you want edge lighting to display, and even manage which notifications cause the edge screen to light up. You can color code up to five contacts that will appear in their respective colors when they get in touch, while all other calls or notifications will be shown in neutral bright light, so there is a world of possibilities out there.

Here’s where you’ll find the settings for Edge lighting:

  1. Open the Settings app;
  2. Then, tap Display;
  3. Tap Edge screen;
  4. Tap Edge lighting and make sure it’s set to Always. It’s worth noting from the start some third-party apps won’t work with the edge lighting, but you have to try it out!

Since receiving my review unit of the Samsung Galaxy S8, I’ve barely though of another device. The bezel-free Infinity Display, the Super AMOLED display with QHD+ resolution and virtual integrated home button captured my interest from day 1, yet there’s so much more to discover about this handset.

Don’t you agree with me? Here’s what you have to do if you also think that it would be a shame not to explore what it can offer:

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