Fix Double Tap to Wake not working on HTC One M9

HTC One M9 may have not been a significant departure from its predecessor regarding its design and build quality, but the improved technical specs determined many people to buy it. I am not here to say that their decision is not a wise one, but I admit that the phone is one of the best high-end models from the current market, with the mention that it still has its issues that have to be solved.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Double Tap to Wake not working problem that many users complained about.

The new HTC One M9 has the feature called Double-tap to wake up & sleep and you know how useful it can be in so many cases. If you previously entered into Settings > Display & gestures > Motion Launch gestures and tick Double tap to wake up & sleep, then the feature is already enabled, so at least in theory you should be able to wake your phone screen by simply double-tapping it.

You should also have the possibility to put it to sleep by doing the same, but as you can see, the Double Tap to Wake feature is reportedly not working on some phones as intended.

I’ve been informed that in some cases the HTC One M9 device requires double press of the Power button to wake it from sleep or even worst, the features stopped working completely. What can you do in such cases? Don’t wait for a miracle to happen, but act to solve the problem:

How to Solve Double Tap to Wake not working One M9 Problem:

  1. For the start, you should make sure that the G-sensor is working right with the pre-installed Help application. In order to do that, just go to Hardware Misbehaving > Hardware Diagnostics and run the G-Sensor Test, to ascertain whether it is working, and also calibrate the G-Sensor;
  2. Verify that the double tap to wake feature is indeed enabled. Enter into Settings > Display and Gestures > Motion Launch and see if you have really ticked the Double tap to wake up & sleep feature;
  3. You can also start using an application like Gravity Screen from the Google Play Store which gives enhanced control with the display on/off functionality, without needing to press any buttons or tapping on the screen. This solution is ideal if you experience severe issues with the power button or double to wake.
    Do not hesitate to take Gravity Screen with the help of this link and give it a try.

Have you been successful? Is the Double Tap to Wake feature finally working as it should? Let us know in the comments area from below. And if nothing has worked, then it’s time to go back to your carrier or HTC and ask for a replacement for your One M9.

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