Laser Focusing on LG G4 Explained

Ever since LG has officially unveiled its new G4 smartphone, I have been truly impressed by how this device looks with its premium back covers which come in metallic gray, ceramic white or gold, being distinguished by a textural hammered-array pattern, as well as genuine leather (that’s a first) available in various options and no less important, by how it performs as well. If you are the happy owner of this smartphone, than I can only imagine that you want to learn as much as possible about it.

Here I am to guide you, one step at a time and in today’s guide I want to tell you more about the Laser Focusing feature found on LG G4.

There is no mystery about the fact that your LG G4 camera comes with a robust feature set: I am talking about its f/1.8 aperture, an impressive colour spectrum sensor that will take a look at all the colors that you want to capture and analyze them for a better white balancing, a new manual mode that has many of the same settings you would normally find on a professional camera equipment and no less important, the laser focusing.

So, if you are also wondering about what LaserAF is and what it can do for you, you are in right place.

First of all, make no confusion: the laser focusing is nothing more than an addition to the LG G4 core hardware and not a full focusing system. You can find the laser focus module on the other side of the camera lens as a little black bit that can truly do wonders.

If you’ve heard or even seen one of those laser beam range meters used in interior decoration, then let me tell you that you are not so far from the answer as long as the LaserAF technology that comes with the 16 MP camera of your LG G4 works in a very similar way.

The LaserAF module emits pulses of low-intensity infrared light which bounce off the object you want to focus on. Then, it returns in just a few milliseconds and tells the LG G4 how far away the object or scene of interest is. After the ISP receives the precise measurements, it locks in the respective focus depth. This all happens in a fraction of a second, so laser focusing is all about precision and speeding things up.

On your LG G4, you can actually see the laser light up when focusing. And be sure that it works well in normal conditions and in low light too, being eye-safe certified and not like some of those cheap laser pointers that burn retinas, eyebrows or simply end up affecting your eyes in one way or another.

Are you impressed? Do you find this feature useful as well? Needless to say, the Laser Focusing waits to be tried on, but don’t forget to tell me your opinion later on!

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