Enjoy Easier Search and Movie Editing Options on Google Photos

I have to tell you from the start one thing about Google Photos: it seems that it has always been easy to find a photo by searching, but things are about to get even better than before. I am saying that as long as the service made it even easier to find that specific photo that you are looking for.

I am talking about the most recent Google Photos update which comes with plenty of goodies for all those who frequently use this app: I am saying that as long as it helps you find your photos faster with a new search bar. Start searching in one tap, or scroll down after tapping on the search bar to see faces, places, and photo types from your library.

In addition, Google Photos now offers the ability to customize automatically created movies with your favorite music, photos, and videos, so who say that making the perfect video is a difficult task? When it comes to the search bar, it has always been useful, but now there is another difference that you must know about.

When you tap the search bar, you have the possibility to type and look for something, you can choose specific media types such as movies, video, or animations, or see specific faces you often photograph and not only. And this search tool can even give you suggestions for specific places you’ve been to in the past few days or week, so you can jump right to the images that you have taken at that location.

As for the Google’s auto-generated movie recaps, let me tell you that you can use your own music in those movies, as well as add some interesting shots and so on. The update has already started to roll out to users, so be prepared to receive it.

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