How to Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Let me start by telling that a common way to fix any Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge problem that you are experiencing is to factory reset aka hard reset your device. Another major advantage of performing such a procedure is to get a fresh start on the smartphone as this will make the smartphone seem like it just came out of the box. That’s pretty tempting, isn’t it?

However, don’t jump straight to the hard reset procedure. It’s important to note that before you try to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge device, it’s suggested to back up all files, data and images to prevent anything important from being lost. The best way to back up your handset is by going to Settings > Backup & reset, but there are also various apps to use or procedures to apply.

Don’t worry, there are no security issues to worry about this time, but the truth is that hard resetting erases all the data on your device. By that I mean text messages, photos, videos, settings and more and they will all be removed in the process. So, that is why you must not forget to create a backup of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge before proceeding or you are definitely going to regret this at a later time.

Also make sure that the phone is at least 60% charged or keep it plugged in during the process. You don’t want to see it turning off right in the middle of the hard reset procedure, or this could lead to further issues. Now, you are ready to begin the actual procedure:

How to Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (method 1):

  1. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy S7;
  2. Up next, find your way to the Settings app;
  3. Select the Backup & Restore > Factory Data Reset option;
  4. Then, go to Reset Device;
  5. This time, you must choose Erase Everything;
  6. Confirm the warnings;
  7. Wait for the procedure to complete;
  8. After doing that, just reboot your phone Galaxy S7 Edge to save the changes that you’ve made.

If you find that the touchscreen is being unresponsive, there’s a problem accessing the menu, or there is no shame on admitting that you forgot your pattern lock, then you can still factory reset your Android smartphone using the hardware keys.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (method 2):

  1. Power off your device;
  2. Wait for a few seconds while your phone is turning off;
  3. Then, get into Recovery mode and you know how to do it: press and hold together: Volume Up + Home + Power buttons for no more than a couple of seconds;
  4. You should release held keys when the Samsung Logo appears on the phone’s screen.
  5. After that, select “wipe data / factory reset” using the Volume buttons to navigate and the Power button to confirm;
  6. It is also recommended to clear app data cache too, so choose wipe cache partition. This fixes various software related issues;
  7. When done, return to the main recovery menu;
  8. Then, from the main menu of recovery select “reboot system now”.

Well done! The hard reset has been performed!

Once again, let me be clear about the fact that this will delete everything on your device so you must back up and save any data you may want to keep.

I hope the above steps managed to help you fix the Galaxy S7 Edge issues and bugs that made your Android experience miserable. Let me know if I am right or not.

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