How to Change Email Sync Frequency Settings on LG G4

If your LG G4 automatically checks for new email messages, this could easily turn into a problem. You know that this requires accessing the mobile network and the wrong frequency could only lead to draining the juice of your battery in front of your eyes.

LG’s G4 battery life should be decent if we take in consideration the removable 3,000 mAh battery, the fact that the device can put its CPU to sleep when displaying a still frame or that the screen is power efficient.

However, the 6-core processor along with your intense activities such as 3D gaming, watching videos, 4G web browsing, listening to music, taking photos and so on are not the best recipe and the battery will barely take you through the day. And if you add the Email Sync Frequency Settings on top of all these, things only tend to get worst.

Is the battery life a concern for you as well? What can you do in such a case? In order to improve the battery life, I advise you to turn this setting down now and avoid all the unpleasant surprises.

Learn How to Change Email Account Sync Frequency Settings on your LG G4:

  1. From your Home screen, go to the Apps icon;
  2. Tap Settings;
  3. Enter into Accounts;
  4. Tap Email;
  5. Touch the Menu icon;
  6. Then, go into its Settings;
  7. Tap the appropriate account;
  8. Tap Sync schedule;
  9. These are the options found there:
    Peak time sync
    Peak days
    Note Enabled when block is colored blue
    Peak time start & end time
    Off-peak time
    When roaming
  10. In order to edit, tap the desired option (e.g. 1 h);
  11. Up next, just select the desired setting.

Starting to this moment, the sync frequency settings have been changed! Have you been successful? If you need any additional help, the comments area is waiting for you!

Getting to know your LG G4 is essential when it comes to enjoying the best experience possible, so learn how to:

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  1. Vishnu Rayaprolu says:

    I am unable to change sync settings in LG G4. Sync option shows manual and I tried many time to change it to push, but, it won’t change

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