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Are you the owner of an LG G3? You are most probably happy with your decision, but if there’s something that you don’t like about it, the best part is that just like its predecessor, this new LG G3 is extremely customizable out of the box.

Some users have complained about the lack of a Menu Button, especially given the fact that we are talking about a handset with such a large display, but the story is not a new one.

Just as we have seen with Samsung and its popular Galaxy S5, it seems that LG has swapped out the permanent menu button for this new “recent apps switcher”. It is true that the company considered that we don’t really need any actual menu button in applications, but one thing we know for sure: LG has thought about the ones that are more traditional as well, so just like Samsung, it has has left the menu button just waiting to be found.

Yes, despite of the fact that there’s just no mention of where it actually is, we can tell you for sure that this LG G3 Menu Button is as real as it can be.

How to Find LG G3 Menu Button:

Do you use an old app that still has a legacy menu button or you have problem with the fact that LG G3 is very large and you can’t reach the top? The Menu Button is waiting for you, that’s for sure and you’ll feel the difference!

In order to enjoy it, you just have to hold down the task switching button on the G3 and you’ll see that it immediately acts as a menu button. Yes, that was all that you had to do!

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