How to Enable One Handed Operation on LG G3

Do you know that LG has thought about a way for making it much easier to use its G3 with just one hand? As some of you have already discovered up to now, it seems that just like we have seen on Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup, LG has also decided to integrate a few customizable settings in order to make using its LG G3 with one hand much comfortable. Do you also want to enable one handed operation on LG G3?

To be honest, it’s something necessary given the fact that we are talking about a device that has a 5.5-inch screen. Yes, we know that it’s a bless to use an impressive 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD display especially when it comes to watching videos or playing games, but not everyone would find it comfortable for using it with one hand.

We can only be thankful for the fact that LG has added a special “One Handed Operation” mode in the settings menu that lets all users to set their lockscreen pin and keyboard, and even their dialer all to the left or right side for the perfect one-handed use.

Here’s what you have to do:

How to Enable One Handed Operation on LG G3:

  1. In the first place, you have to pull down the Notification Shade and tap the gear in the top right to get to Settings;
  2. Tap the “General Tab”;
  3. Tap on “One-handed Operation”;
  4. Check off the options you want it to be enabled for: you can choose Dial Keypad, LG Keyboard, as well as Lock Screen (one option, two or all three at the same time);
  5. Open the keyboard by simply opening an email or an app that requires you to type in it and confirm that the keyboard is now compressed to one side;
  6. Enable Dial Pad in Settings and then open the dial pad and confirm that it is as well set to one side (if, of course);
  7. Also check if the lock screen PIN code pad is to one side as well (after enabling Lock Screen in Settings).

Moreover, don’t forget that you’re given arrows for choosing whatever side you’d like the keys to be moved for easy access. And we can assure you that the very same method works on the keyboard as well, but if some apps had the keyboard visible with these special arrows to move it left/right, there are also some of them with no arrow to be found.


Anyway, we have verified and it is true that a simple swipe from the edge of the screen is more than enough for moving them as well, so there is no reason to be worried about that.

For more, see our LG G3 Tips and Tricks: Best Tutorials to use and you won’t be disappointed!

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