How to Boot LG G4 into Fastboot Mode

If you have in mind the idea of tweaking your new LG G4, then it’s obviously that you must learn some basic operations and custom procedures that will bring the changes that you want. However, you’ll discover that many of them will require fastboot mode. What is fastboot mode? How can you boot into Fastboot Mode on LG G4? Do not hesitate and continue reading; also use this tutorial for learning more about what this procedure is and what it involves.

Fastboot mode is nothing else than a hidden menu featured by default on today’s Android devices, just as Samsung has its special Download mode which it is practically doing the very same thing, even though it has a different name). Fastboot gives you the possibility to re-flash partitions on your LG G4.

It works through PC command line and connects over a USB connection with your G4; then, by accessing this hidden menu you will be able to enter recovery mode for completing various procedures, to reboot the bootloader, to replace a custom ROM, to use a custom kernel for overclocking your smartphone, to remove bloatware, to prepare the device for manual updates and not only.

Before starting, I advice you though to back up your data. In many procedures, the data is being wiped out, so take no chances or you might end up regretting. And another important aspect is to plug in the charger on your phone if the battery status of your device is showing less than 60% power left.

And even if the process is official since the fastboot environment is featured by default on your LG G4 (so the warranty is perfectly safe), you still have to be careful about every single step that you are taking.

How to Boot into Fastboot Mode on LG G4 with the help of its Hardware Buttons:

  1. First of all, turn off the smartphone;
  2. Then, press and hold the Power and Volume Up keys at the same time for about 6 or 7 seconds;
  3. Plug in the USB cable for your smartphone and connect it to your PC;
  4. Release the keys only when the download mode is being displayed.

How to Boot into Fastboot Mode on LG G4 with the help of an App from Google Play:

You need a rooted LG G4 for this procedure and then, after taking care of this aspect:

  1. Find the Quick Boot app (this is my choice, but it is up to you to select any other app);
  2. Download and install it on your handset (use this direct link for that);
  3. Run the app;
  4. Do not hesitate to follow on screen prompts if you want to reboot your LG G4 into fastboot mode.

How to Boot into Fastboot Mode on LG G4 with the help of ADB Commands:

In order to apply this method, prepare your computer and gain developer rights on your LG G4. You must also check USB debugging by entering into Menu – Settings – About phone and tapping no less than seven times on built number and then access Menu – Settings – Developer options. As for your PC flash Android SDK. That’s what you must do next:

  1. Connect your LG G4 with the computer via USB cable;
  2. Access the Android SDK folder on your computer;
  3. There, open a command prompt window;
  4. In the cmd window, you must enter the following command: “adb reboot bootloader”.

So, that’s what you have to do anytime you want to enter fastboot mode on your LG G4!

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4 Responses

  1. Neil Thompson says:

    With the buttons, only hold the volume up key down while attaching the USB cable, not the power button with it.

  2. Terry Melvin says:

    adb reboot bootloader works on one of my H815 G4s, not on the other. All settings are the same on both phones. The working one is the SEA variant, the non working one is the GLOBAL.COM variant. ADB reboot bootloader just reboots the phone. Any ideas? Various buttons combinations won’t work either. This phone does go into recovery mode. Help and advice would be appreciated.

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