Prevent Android Apps from Opening by Themselves

Apps you’ve installed can be the cause of performance dips and battery loss on your Android phone. In fact, most users complain about a very odd behavior on their handset. Before going to bed, for example, they force close all of their apps with the “close all apps” button, but when checking it back, they end up discovering random apps opened.

Everything that runs on your Android smartphone has a severe impact on the resources available for memory, CPU, and battery power. Android is indeed designed to fill up its RAM with apps so that users have a fast experience, but this tends to turn into a problem when your device becomes sluggish or battery life is being drained away with no reasonable explanations.

One step into correcting that is preventing Android apps from opening by themselves. How can you do it? Well, if you have a rooted device, blocking apps running by themselves is actually done via various third-party app blockers from the Play Store. However, if rooting is still not an option, then you should use the “Optimize” feature, which has been included ever since version 6.0 Marshmallow.

This switches off various app functions like GPS, network connectivity, as well asother battery-intensive processes when your phone screen has been off for a while. To be more precise, it freezes apps from running when the phone is in your pocket, on the desk, in your bag, or basically whenever it’s not plugged in and the screen is off and give you some piece of mind.

To control which apps are using the Doze function, follow the below steps:

Prevent Android Apps Opening by Themselves:

  1. Enter into Settings;
  2. Go to Power -> Battery optimization;
  3. Now, you need tap the app you want to Doze when the screen is off;
  4. Simply select “Optimize”.

Other than making this, there isn’t a lot you can do to stop apps loading automatically unless you accept a third party solution task killer. And if an app is really acting out crazy, then uninstalling it and finding a more trustworthy alternative is the key to your problem.

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