Enjoy OxygenOS 9.0 Android Pie on OnePlus 5T Device

The OxygenOS 9.0.0 update based on Android Pie OS from Google is finally available for your handset too. Yes, I am talking about your OnePlus 5T device, so waste no more time with regrets and questions. OnePlus has rolled out a couple of open beta Android Pie updates to this model before, but this is the very first officially stable release.

What are you about to get? The biggest change in the update is the reimagined user interface. Android Pie comes with several UI refinements to our favorite platform, so it’s no surprise that OnePlus went along with them and added even more changes to the aesthetic side of the system. At the same time, you will have to get used to a new gesture navigation on OnePlus 5T.

As for the added notification for 3rd party calls in the Gaming Mode 3.0 and Google Lens integration into the camera application, or the new Do Not Disturb mode with adjustable settings – these are all welcomed changes too.

You do want them as soon as possible, don’t you? Installing this update is fairly easy and isn’t much time-consuming, be sure of that. Quite the opposite, simply follow these steps and your wish will come true:

Install OxygenOS 9.0 Android Pie in your OnePlus 5T Device:

  1. Download the OxygenOS 9.0 Android Pie for your OnePlus 5T smartphone;
  2. Do not hesitate to transfer it to your phone’s internal storage;
  3. Note that this is a .zip archive and you must not unpack it;
  4. After that, power off your OnePlus device;
  5. Next, power it on again by holding the Power and Volume down buttons at the same time. This will boot your phone into recovery mode;
  6. Select your preferred language in the recovery;
  7. After doing that, just select Install from internal storage/Install from local;
  8. Go to the downloaded ROM file and select it;
  9. Then, select Install;
  10. Your phone will now install the selected firmware and reboot automatically once the procedure is done.

As you can guess, you will be greeted with Android Pie-based Oxygen OS 9.0 when your OnePlus 5T phone boots up. Enjoy it!

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