How to Speed up Galaxy S8 Animations

There are plenty of Android devices which aren’t at all fast. Maybe they were back in their good old days, or maybe it’s your fault for being in such a situation. The point is that there are always a few ways you can speed it back up. I usually recommend you to start cleaning out some of the junk you don’t need to keep around, just as you have to remember that rebooting can be a life safer.

If you’re using a slow Android device, I must also tell you that turning off the animations will improve your device’s performance. However, if you are the owner of a speedy device, speeding up animations, will make switching between apps and screens seem almost instantaneous.

When it comes to your new Galaxy S8, I am sure of the fact that the device doesn’t feel sluggish at all, but quite the opposite you own a speedy handset. Therefore, if you feel like cranking up the responsiveness of the UI on your Galaxy S8, the best way is to think of turning up the speed up the animations. It’s a hidden developer setting, but don’t let that scare you. It’s actually very easy to do. Here are the steps:

How to Speed up Galaxy S8 Animations:

  1. Look for the Developer options in the Settings menu and enable them;
  2. If you don’t see a Developer options entry in the menu, head to the About device area and tap on the Build number until you see a message saying that they have been enabled;
  3. Tap Build number no less than 7 times in quick succession;
  4. A notification will tell you when Developer options have been unlocked;
  5. Now, go back to Settings > Developer options;
  6. Scroll down to Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale;
  7. It’s time to adjust them all 0.5x or off.

Note: I also want to remind you the fact that animations usually drain the battery on your device faster. One day you might want to turn them off completely and be sure that this will make a difference when it comes to the battery life. However, turning off animations completely may cause bugs in some apps. However, if you don’t notice any problems after turning off animations, then you can save battery life by leaving them off until you need them.

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