Make your Redmi 6 Pro Come Alive via Borderlight Live Wallpaper

The iPhone X’s notch is everywhere, and we’re to blame. Remember how it all started? When iPhone X was launched last year, people mocked the huge notch that the phone was sporting. Plenty of memes and jokes went around the internet and Apple’s design choice seemed terrible. Even so, the iPhone X proved to be a big success for the company. So, small and big Android manufacturers all over the world followed the trend.

They have introduced notches in their flagship as well as budget and midrange devices. So, that’s what brought us here. We’ve seen plenty of such these devices released already, while companies such as Samsung had to come up with unique ways to handle the camera situation instead of including the notch.

Asus or LG and Xiaomi have decided to go along with it and have embraced the notch. And we’ll continue to see these notches included in smartphones until something more affordable and reliable is created by smartphone OEMs. The Redmi Note 6 Pro is the first Xiaomi phone which came with two selfie cameras on the front sitting on a wide notch.

If you don’t like the notch, there is an option to hide it. Some say that the bezels are slim enough to embrace it, while the sleek metallic finish body of the phone complements the notch. Others just hate it. They could try out this wallpaper app known as Borderlight Live Wallpaper.

Forget all about the notch

For the developer, the slim bezels and the notch on the OnePlus 6 were the perfect opportunity to show off his skills. And the result is Borderlight Live Wallpaper. This is a live wallpaper that shows a slowly moving colorful border around your screen’s edges. This is how your handset could come alive and you’d forget all about the notch.

The gradient is shifting colors just like you would expect from any live wallpaper. And if we initially only had a black screen with glowing borders, now you’ve got plenty of options and extended compatibility to so many devices.

The credit for developing this unique live wallpaper app goes to XDA member dax105. And even if it isn’t a revolutionary idea, I find it a great way to get spruce up your phone. Sine you have that notch on it, you might as well have some fun while trying to get used to the change.

Borderlight Live Wallpaper can be now taken into your device. Waste no more time.

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