Try Out Extreme Car Driving Simulator on Android

You know that there are various simulator games available for free such as flight simulators, ship or train simulators, along with the most popular ones of all – car simulators. Many Android users adore driving simulator games thanks to the adrenaline rush and that unique feeling that you are the king of the road. You can drive a car at any speed, without the police car chasing you or worrying about a thing, so it sounds like a fun afternoon time, don’t you agree?

If you do, you should better try out Extreme Car Driving Simulator on your Android. This car racing game is offered by Axisinmotion racing team and puts you behind the wheels of an amazing racing sports car. Go wild and express yourself on a whole city for you. No need to brake because of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so feel free to perform illegal stunt actions and run full speed as none is there to stop or fine. And since the latest updates include new effects for crashing, improved damage and lighting system, as well as off-road drive or even the option to drive with traffic, the choices are all yours.

Speaking of those special effects for crashing, you can get a realistic car damage. So, be a furious racer and dare to crash your car! You can always start over since this has nothing to do with real life. Even if it is a digital world, graphics make it look like real, still being one of the best driving simulation games for Android.

The racing car from the simulator has traction control system, Anti-Lock Braking System, as well as an useful electronic stability program, which can be turned On or Off as per driving requirement. This car game also has a heads-up display for reverse, gear, as well as speed along with various cameras and accelerometer to control steering.

Could this simulation driving game be what you are looking for? Then, let the fun begin! Extreme Car Driving Simulator waits for you on this direct Google Play link.

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