Learn to Track Your Monthly Data Limit

Has your Android handset started running out of cellular data before your allowance is reset each month? Have you ever run out of data before the month was up?

If you are no stranger to these scenarios, you definitely need a little bit of help. If you’re on a relatively limited data plan, then you should better learn to track your monthly data limit.

If you end up going over your monthly data limit while streaming music or watching funny videos on YouTube, you could have a huge surprise when you get your next bill. And the surprise is far from a pleasant one.

Learn to Track Your Monthly Data Limit:

  • If you’re not aware of your monthly data limit, visit your carrier’s website. Double checking never hurts, you know;
  • Let me tell you that you can make your Android phone warn you with a notification when you’re getting close to your monthly data limit. For that, just go into the main Settings menu and choose the “Data usage” option. You will notice it with a line above it on the following screen; you must drag this line up or down to change the warning threshold. I’d suggest setting it to 75% of your monthly data limit. However, if you don’t see a line in the graph, make sure “Cellular data” is toggled on;
  • Speedify is an ideal app for Android that lets you combine multiple Internet connections for increased reliability and for making your Internet faster, not to mention its ability to prioritize your networks based on cost and other factors. The app can be taken from here;
  • The data usage numbers depicted in this menu is not always matching your carrier’s official numbers. In general, it’s safe to use this as a rough estimate, but when you start to get really close to your monthly data limit, you should double check with your carrier’s website to be extra cautious;
  • Let me remind you the fact that most service providers offer automated tools to remind you about your data allowance. However, these tools aren’t enabled by default, so if you want an automatic SMS sent to your smart phone when your data plan reaches within 1 GB of its monthly limit, you’ve got to enable those notifications in your service plan’s account settings;
  • Don’t hesitate to take advantage of Wi-Fi whenever you can. Do it in coffee shops, hotels, and at your office, so remember to always switch over to the free wireless network, leaving your precious mobile data intact for the times you need it most.

Good luck!

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