Easily Use LG G3 as a TV controller

Have you just become the owner of a new LG G3? We can assure you that there are plenty of things that you don’t know about it, but we like the fact that you are here, wiling to learn as much as possible about what it can do. Do you know that you can use your LG G3 as a TV controller? That’s quite a surprise, we must admit that, so let’s find out more.

As some of you remember, in the late 2000s all the way to early 2010s, several smartphone and portable media player platforms were provided with some interesting software applications which allow for the remote controlling of media centers and media players on home theater PCs, as well as general-purpose personal computers over Wi-Fi and not only. And about the same time the only purpose of cell phones’s infrared ports was to enable the exchange of data with other devices, but things have drastically changed. And be sure that this works only in our advantage.

LG G3 and its Infrared Port that allows the Phone to act as a Remote

These days, there are many Android smartphone models that give us the real chance to control our TV, set-top box, our receiver and more straight from the smartphone and as you have already guessed, LG G3 is no exception to that. That’s a feature we’d all like to have on our handsets, so why not enjoying it if we can?

Yes, LG G3 perfectly works as a remote control for your television as long as it has an infrared port in it that allows the phone to act as a remote, while LG has its own universal remote software that goes along with it.

We are talking about none other than the QuickRemote app that turns your G3 by LG into a programmable remote to control your home entertainment systems. Like that, you can easily control your TV, cable box, DVD player, Blue Ray player, projector and other infrared embedded devices in every room of your home.

If the story sounds familiar, you are not at all wrong; we have seen these remote controller capabilities on the company’s previous G2 model and some of these handset’s users are most likely enjoying them as we are speaking. Moreover, we can assure you that QuickRemote supports most manufacturer’s devices and setup painless and easier than you might imagine, so enjoy!

Are you really prepared to replace your go-to remote for a smartphone? Some of you probably aren’t and we totally understand you, but don’t hesitate to give it a try! You might like using this device as a remote, just once in a while!

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  1. drumliber says:

    I have a G3 and this only works as long as the TV is straight in front of your smartphone; otherwise it will not work at all. On Samsung S5 (at least), I can control the TV in any position of the phone :(

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