How to Use Knock Code on LG G3

Knock On has been one of the most interesting new features that we have seen in the past few months, that is something that we want you to know from the start. LG has first introduced it with its G2 last year and it returned with the LG G Flex toward the end of the year. And now, in 2014, LG is trying to offer us something even more than that.

The name of Knock Code implies, you’ll no longer be limited to unlocking the handset, but now you’ll be able knock / tap as a security function. Do you like this idea? Let’s take a closer look on how you can use this Knock Code feature on LG G3.

How to Set Up Knock Code on LG G3

The Knock Code feature can be setup under Settings > Display > Lockscreen as part of the LG G3′s lockscreen security options. And don’t leave aside the fact that the phone also asks you to setup a backup PIN, so you can still unlock the phone in case you forget the Knock Code combination or it does not work as it should.

How to Apply Security patterns on LG G3

After the setup is completed, we finally are to that point when this Knock Code helps you to get secure access to your LG phone by tapping a personalized pattern anywhere on the screen.

As the company claims, the unlock method has no less than 80,000 possible combinations, and will accept codes between two and eight steps long in the 2-by-2 provided grid. Feel free to tap the same quadrant eight times if you want or seven times in one and once more in another and so on. It is only up to you to choose!

Security patterns can be applied anywhere on the display in any size you might want for a convenient usage. You must use at least two touches and as many as eight and like that, you will have the combination that you want. The 2-by-2 grid is scalable, so you have the chance to enter your code in a small space, or over the full width of the phone, as you want.

You can even your LG G3 unlock using one hand, but don’t forget that the more touches you use, the tougher it would be for someone to guess your unlock code.

If you forget your Knock Code…

Well, situations like that happen all the time and don’t worry, we are not here to judge you. So we have told you from the start, LG is asking you from the start to set a backup PIN code of at least four digits, but fewer than 17 and this will be your salvation.

If you’ll enter an incorrect Knock Code four times in a row, you’ll be immediately asked if you’d like to go ahead and enter your backup PIN. And if you also forget your backup PIN, you’ll have to download a tool from LG to reset things.

Also remember that…

  • You don’t have to wake the screen before entering the Knock Code that you have already chose and you don’t have to hit the power button first or do anything else. As we have told you from the start, you just have to tap and the Knock Code will do its job;
  • Even if the Knock Code is turned on, this doesn’t have to mean that you cannot double-tap the center of the display in order to put the phone to sleep while you are on the home screen.

The Knock Code helps to keep your smartphone secure and easily streamline your experience with one-step method to wake up the device and access your home screen. But you should also know that despite of what LG has managed to do, offering us a method which is indeed better than the typical pin code / gesture unlock that most phone models offer these days, this is not at all as secure as a fingerprint sensor. Someone could just see how you knock and then repeat the gesture, so there are still some risks that you should take in consideration.

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