Install Samsung Galaxy S8 USB Drivers

The Galaxy S8 is not at all as expensive as some speculated, costing £689, so more and more people are buying it. After all, how to resist to such a temptation? We rarely get a handset that it’s stunning in design and on the inside too, therefore it’s time to explore it. That is why I am here to show you how to easily install Samsung Galaxy S8 and USB Drivers.

Below you will find a direct link to download Samsung Galaxy S8 USB Drivers for your Windows PC and you know that this is essential if you plan big things for your device. If you are planning to get more out of your Samsung Galaxy S8, you need to download Samsung Galaxy S8 USB drivers before connecting it to Windows PC. Proper USB drivers are needed for the phone to communicate properly with your PC and like that you will transfer files between your device and PC and detect your handset by Odin.

Even more, they are also a must if you intend to root your phone or want to TWRP recovery, so don’t postpone the inevitable. This post will help you download and install the correct Galaxy S8, so let’s proceed:

How to Install Samsung Galaxy S8 USB Drivers:

  1. For the start, access this page where you can find the Galaxy S8 USB Drivers that i was telling you about;
  2. Take them on your computer;
  3. Don’t hesitate to uninstall any other Samsung driver installed on your PC;
  4. Then, just restart the computer;
  5. Connect your Galaxy S8 to PC via USB cable;
  6. You need to go to the driver file and double-click on it to start the installation process;
  7. At this point, you must follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation process;
  8. You need to restart your computer after the installation process complete;
  9. At this point, the drivers should be successfully installed. You must simply connect your smartphone to the computer and start transferring files between these two.

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