Solve Call Volume too Low on your Note 8

Many Note 8 users were also owners of other Samsung Galaxy phones and have never had an issue with the volume being really low before. You can face various Galaxy Note 8 phone call issues during calls such as low speaker volume, dropping calls, the fact that people can’t hear your voice on calls, along with the low call volume problem and things turn into a real nightmare.

I know how terrible this feels and I bet that you are simply tired of having to increase your voice which can be improper in a place like your workplace. Some would say that you should take your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to a technician and get it fixed. It is indeed the best option if the warranty isn’t an issue, but you can also try to figure out what’s happening without risking anything.

After all, the tips below and harmless and might help you fix the error on your own. Having issues on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can be so annoying, but such guides can help you:

Solve Call Volume too Low on your Note 8:

  • First of all, you should better check phone sound settings and adjust volume in your Galaxy Note 8;
  • Make sure that there is nothing obstructing the speaker or microphone;
  • You should better use compressed air to wipe off the microphone and the speaker to clear out dust or debris that might have accumulated there;
  • Keep in mind that a poor network signal on Galaxy Note 8 makes you not being able to hear voice during a call. Just find nearby location that good network signal and try to call again;
  • Don’t hesitate to press the Volume Up key to be certain of the volume level and to see if you can increase the level of the volume bar.
  • Well, if you usually are in the middle of a call and you have a hard time hearing the speaker, just use the Extra Volume option. This can be found in the center of the screen while it is open to the call;
  • If the problem persists even after all these, then you should consider getting a Bluetooth headset. This is ideal to better understand what is happening. If the problem is with the volume, there will be no noticeable difference when using the headset. But if the problem is indeed solved, then it could be a hardware problem.

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