How to enjoy Nexus 5P Sailfish Stock Wallpapers

Android lovers know how to appreciate design, finish and build quality, but their also know what they want in terms of software. New Nexus phones will soon be announced with new mobile standards and a completely new version of Android OS, i.e., Android Nougat. However, you have to wait the release of upcoming Nexus phones in order to enjoy some of their wallpapers.

As you can imagine, I am talking about some leaked stock wallpapers that will be supplied with these devices. This time, it’s Nexus 5P Sailfish Stock Wallpapers turn to make your device more beautiful.

You can download these quad HD wallpapers from the link provided below. The wallpapers are very colourful and bright. And I want you to know from the start the fact that the pack contains a total of no less than 15 images. And don’t forget that Google is not just limited to these static wallpapers; they are also working on live wallpapers which will be unveiled soon, just as Google is also polishing the launcher for upcoming Android 7.0 with new features and better design, so more surprises are waiting for you!

How to enjoy Nexus 5P Sailfish Stock Wallpapers:

  1. Download the zip file on your computer or laptop; use this link for that;
  2. After the process is completed, you have to extract it;
  3. Now, you must use the device’s USB cord in order transfer the wallpapers to your device;
  4. Enter into the Settings option;
  5. Choose an image from the new ones;
  6. Touch the Set Wallpaper button in order to confirm your new selection.

Congratulations! Now you know how to download the Nexus 5P Sailfish Stock Wallpapers on your device. And if you like the look of your handset with these wallpapers, then please do share this article.

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