Discover Google Assistant’s Easter Egg on Pixel 3

Google Assistant knows how to kick back and relax. While it’s great for things like calling, queries and directions, where’s the fun in that?

You should better know that there are hundreds of funny commands and hidden Easter Eggs that could be unhidden on your Pixel 3. Speaking to robots is still weird for some of you, but keep in mind that Google has added a fun little Easter egg inside the Google Assistant especially for you.

And if you’re all into trivia, it’ll sure amuse you. Long story short, the Easter egg inside Google Assistant lets you play TV style trivia game show. You can start it by saying the magic words and get ready to be surprised!

An Interesting Trivia Quiz

The game comes with a host (Google Assistant itself, of course), theme music and audience reaction after you answer the question. To be more precise, you can start the trivia by invoking the Google Assistant. Just say “OK Google, I’m Feeling Lucky” to make it happen. Right away the theme music for the trivia game starts playing on your Pixel 3 and Google Assistant introduces itself as host.

The Google Assistant will first ask you how many people are playing, so make up your mind. You can play it alone or with your friends or family members. If only you are playing, then simply say “One” and it will give you a nick name. In case more than one people are playing, it will ask for everyone’s name and then give them a nick name and each player has to take turns to answer the question.

The Google Assistant will then ask you all sorts of questions on various topics. It will speak the questions aloud and you have to reply with your voice only. As you keep playing, the Assistant keeps the score and at the end of the game, it will tell you who the champion is.

Good luck and let us know what fo you think of this Easter Egg. Is it fun or not?

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