How to Solve HTC One M9 Overheating Issues

If you bought yourself a brand new HTC One M9, then you are no stranger to its serious overheating issues. Owners all over the world have reportedly been complaining that their smartphone gets extremely warm even while not running any processor intensive tasks such as video-gaming or watching HD movies.

Ae you curious about the reasoning behind this overheating issue? Well, there is no mystery the fact that the One M9 is running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor and this model hasn’t exactly gotten the best track record for its performance since its release.

The best proof is that even Samsung ultimately decided to pass on the processor with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge handsets, most likely due to these overheating issues that the processor has been rumored to have, but this is the option found on One M9 and you have to live with it and get the best from your smartphone.

A while ago HTC’s Communications manager revealed that the company is aware of these issues and the latest update come with major changes to the phone’s power and temperature management capabilities. HTC’s notes on the matter includes besides the updates to the camera and the UI, thermal throttling as well, so the situation is slightly improved.

Overheating is not something to worry about, but a common problem and if you are among the affected users, I am here to help you. The following is a guide on how to fix the HTC’s One M9 overheating problems, so do not hesitate to apply it:

How to Solve One M9 Overheating Issues:

  • Do not hesitate to update your HTC One M9 with the latest software, as the latest update comes with power and temperature management changes that will reduce the overheating issues. However, the problems are not completely gone and you need to do even more than that;
  • Switch to Power Saver mode when your HTC One M9 is overheating and you’ll see that this simple trick is really useful;
  • You can also try to turn off the High performance mode in the Developer options. This is one way to throttle the performance of the handset, but it helps you in such cases;
  • Could your microSD card be the one responsible for that? If that’s the cause why the phone is getting warm, I have a solution for you. It is obvious there are times when the card fails. In such situations, your HTC One M9 will try to over and over again to detect and read it, so what you have to do is to remove your microSD card and observe the phone to see if it still gets warm. If not, try reformatting it to see if the issues gets fixed and if still not, then try inserting a different microSD card just to see if the phone is capable of reading a card without warming up;
  • Try removing the external case or back cover before doing any processor-intensive activities, such as gaming or watching HD movies;
  • Allow the One M9 smartphone to cool down periodically, whenever it gets unusually warm, before continuing to work on it.

If the problems persist, then consider having the phone checked or even replaced. And I hope that HTC is working on something that will take care of this issue permanently, but I have no confirmation coming from the company or a date for know when such a fix could come.

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