Download YouTube Videos on Android by becoming a YouTube Red subscriber

One day, Google created YouTube Red, a paid monthly subscription service with several great perks that you must know more about. Google’s YouTube Red is an awesome service and you know it: you don’t have to worry about ever seeing ads again on any videos, you can continue playback after you exit the YouTube app, you can download videos for offline playback and much more.

Yes, this can come true by becoming a YouTube Red subscriber. Who doesn’t want an ad-free YouTube experience, access to exclusive YouTube Originals videos and the chance to enjoy the best YouTube videos on his own device?

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YouTube Red is an additional premium service for those who wish to legally download content without ads, so I see no reason for not enjoying it. Even more, there are plenty of apps within the Google Play Store pretending to let you download videos in a similar manner, yet they violate the YouTube Terms of Service, we cannot vouch for them and the adware is annoying… Very annoying!

Download YouTube Videos on Android by becoming a YouTube Red subscriber:

  1. This is available with the latest version of the YouTube app, so make sure you have it. This is a must;
  2. You have to tap the Save icon while watching a YouTube video in portrait orientation;
  3. In order to find the videos you’ve saved for offline, tap the profile icon. This can be found on the right that looks like a person;
  4. Tap Offline videos;
  5. Then, you must tap on a video to play it;
  6. Up next, to remove videos, tap the Save icon again;
  7. At the end, just tap Remove and you are done.

Do you see how simple it to enjoy YouTube videos to your phone?

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