Wallrox Wallpapers and its QHD quality or UHD Images

Finding a wallpaper app to suits your needs isn’t always as easy as it might first seem. However, I think that this could be what you are looking for!

Wallrox Wallpapers doesn’t come with as many images as you can find on other similar apps, but this isn’t a bad thing and you will immediately see why I am saying that. Wallrox is a cloud based wallpaper app which has a great collection of Material Design Wallpapers crafted by Ankit Anand. The curated approach is its major advantage as long as here you can only find the best, not to mention the overall design of the app which makes it so simple to use and so intuitive.

All the backgrounds coming from this app are designed in 2K (3200x2560px) QHD quality or UHD quality to make your screen look crispy and you can easily set and download them from the app itself.

Wallpapers are divided into categories of image type (Blur, Crystal, Geometric, etc.) rather than what it’s a picture of, and you can select how many columns of images you want to display on the screen at once. There’s also an integration with Pushbullet, if you want to get notifications when new wallpapers are available. And you can control some Muzei settings from within Wallrox too, like controlling which categories of wallpapers you want to automatically update, how often and on what type of connection.

And although I have told you that there aren’t so many images at this point, the idea is that new images are added whenever possible and there is no need to update the application because of the cloud power. With these, I think that I have convinced you to try it out, right?

Grab Wallrox Wallpapers from here straight to your handset.

What’s your favorite wallpaper app at this moment? Let me know in the comments below or by using the contact form!

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