Get a Systemwide Dark Theme on your Galaxy S8 with no Root

I was wondering the last few days if there was a theme which had stock look for my Galaxy S8, but switched all the white and light grey out for black and dark grey to save more battery juice and relax my eyes. I don’t deny that Samsung’s Android skin has its popularity, yet the truth is that I don’t really enjoy the brightness and a Systemwide Dark Theme could do wonders.

Well, you can get it and this is possible even without root. I am talking about the support for RRO Layers themes on the new iteration of TouchWiz and developer Tigerhoods. He has released a few overlays that theme the Galaxy S8 framework and notifications and all these in combination with an official Galaxy theme released by developer Cameron Bunch practically lead to a Galaxy S8 a black theme.

The theme is based on Google’s Material Design philosophy, it is clean and simple, just as you want it to be, therefore waste no more time. And don’t forget to enable Unknown sources in Settings > Lockscreen and security.

Get a Systemwide Dark Theme on your Galaxy S8 with no Root:

  1. So, first of all, you need to install the Material Black theme by Cameron Bunch. For that, enter into Settings > Wallpapers and themes;
  2. Find your way to the Themes section from the bottom context bar;
  3. You must tap the search button up at the top and search for Material Black (Android 7+);
  4. Tap Download;
  5. Then, don’t hesitate to tap Apply;
  6. Hit Apply again on confirmation and move on to the next part where you also make some essential notification changes;
  7. Download the overlays from the provided links: BlacknotificationsOnly (.apk) and Blackframework (.apk);
  8. Now, you have to install them as you would install any APK;
  9. Then, reboot your device;
  10. When your device reboots, feel free to explore the new dark theme and if you want even more, keep in mind that Tigerhoods has developed some more overlays that can be used to make even more changes:

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