Install Samsung Fonts on Samsung Devices Running Android Oreo

You are using your phone pretty much all the time, therefore it might actually get pretty boring to see the same look and design every single day. In such a case, I should better remind you that Android is highly customizable and it is only up to you to change the lockscreen wallpapers, homescreen wallpaper, launcher, launcher setup and even icon packs. However, things are trickier with fonts and even if the default Roboto font on Android looks great, I bet that some of you want more.

This could mean getting the amazing Samsung One font on Samsung devices. You actually have the chance to install 1000+ fonts on Samsung devices running on the Android Oreo firmware without the need to root them, thanks to the Wings Samsung Fonts project for Samsung devices, developed by teamwings.

Note that you may see the same fonts listed twice, but this bug is for sure one that you can live with. And note that it is actually the only bug up to now, so you are actually pretty lucky.

Get ready:

You must enable Unknown sources, but don’t worry. One of Android‘s biggest strengths is how simple it is to sideload apps that aren’t hosted on the Google Play Store. So, you should better find your way into your phone’s main settings menu and there, just tap Lock screen & security. From this menu, you must tick the box or toggle the switch next to the “Unknown sources” entry, then press “OK” on the popup to confirm your selection.

Install Samsung Fonts on Samsung Devices Running Android Oreo:

  1. For the start, you need to grab the SamsungSans font via Galaxy Apps on your smartphone;
  2. Also take Substratum and Substratum Samsung Addon;
  3. Then, it’s time to download Wings Samsung Fonts_1.3d.apk;
  4. Tap on the download complete notification to install the APK as you would with any other such file;
  5. After that, you must open the Substratum app;
  6. Feel free to install all the font packages you want.

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