Revisit an Article you’d like to Read with Flipboard

Sometimes you might come across an article you’d like to read, but just don’t have time to do it now. Wouldn’t it be nice to save it so you can handle it later? There’s an easy way to save such articles to read later. Well, some might tell you about Bitly. This is indeed is one of the most popular URL shorteners on the Internet, specifically on Twitter and pretty much anywhere else online where it’s ideal to share short links.

If you create an account with Bitly, all of your links are automatically saved. Like that, you can revisit them any time you want. Others might recommend using some sort of a RSS Reader Tool such as Feedly to save stories. You may easily add any RSS feed you want to this service and then organize them into folders. When you find a story that you like or want to check out later without losing it, just tap the bookmark icon. This sends it in your “Saved” tab, so rest assured. It’s there. Just waiting for you!

However, what to do on your Android device? Well, using a popular application might come in handy for all those times. I am talking about the situations when you are busy, but also come across a great article that you really feel like reading. Revisit it later with the help of an app that can ease the process.

A great visual experience and a bit of a social network too

One of my favorites is called Flipboard. First of all, grab the app and you will see it by yourself. This app provides a more visual experience than any other similar app out there and that’s why I love it. When you save an article to Flipboard, you add it to a Magazine or collections of stories. These are grouped by topic and laid out with beautiful images and titles for you to enjoy.

While you can see a preview of the article, Flipboard doesn’t actually cache any content to its site. Instead of doing that, it sends you back to the original webpage so you can read the content there. And as a bonus, Flipboard is also a bit more of a social network.

If you want, you may follow topics, people, and other magazines, and it recommends articles it things you’ll find interesting every time you open it. It’s a great way to organize the things you want to read and to share those that you like with others.

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