Have Google Assistant Screen your Pixel 3a Calls

Have you also bought the Google Pixel 3a handset? This model that I am talking about pretty much offers many of the flagship Pixel 3’s features at a wallet-friendly £399 price (or £469 for the larger Google Pixel 3a XL version). The bezels on the Pixel 3a are slightly larger than those on the Pixel 3, but the Pixel 3a makes up for that with a larger screen overall.

With its beautiful 5.6-inch screen, that powerful processor, and excellent camera, the Pixel 3a manages to prove that there’s no reason for smartphones to be as expensive as they’ve become these days. The Pixel 3a is an incredible value for what you get, so enjoy it as much as possible.

Do you know about the Call Screening feature here included? It once used to be only available on a limited selection of devices. Luckily, though, it has expanded and found its way to older Pixel devices, to non-Google devices and the new Pixel 3a handset too. Yes, you can have Google Assistant screen your Pixel 3a calls.

Let Google Assistant Screen take care of your calls

If a call comes in and you suspect may be spam or you just don’t want to take it, then here I am to help. Here’s what you have to do. Just tap Screen call and then, Google Assistant will answer for you, saying, “Hi, the person you’re calling is using a screening service from Google, and will get a copy of this conversation. Go ahead and say your name, and why you’re calling.”

You’ll see what they say transcribed in real time on your Pixel 3a handset’s screen and now, you can choose whether to answer, send a quick reply, or simply report as spam.

And if the caller hangs up abruptly during the Call Screen (this happens quite often, actually), Google may ask if you’d like to label that phone number as a spam caller and block the number from calling you again. Just as always, the choice is always yours.

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