Download LogoPlus v1.0.4 for RazerPhone 2

There is no secret that Android is related to customization, so I know that you must be looking for a good alternative for Chroma configurator. Everyone wants their Andriod OS to be customizable and sport qiuite a unique design. There is an open source app called LogoPlus which could be what you need if you are ready to forget all about the stock Razer Chroma Configurator on your RazerPhone 2. Are you a bit curious? Then, you should better keep on reading.

I must tell you that the current LogoPlus v1.0.4 is in beta version. This should not scary you though since it comes with some great features that you might like. If you enjoy the idea of selecting a custom notification color per app, getting no less than 4 different passive effects, up to 4 apps’ colors on the logo at once or LED brightness, then LogoPlus v1.0.4 is waiting for you.

Before you should actually download LogoPlus v1.0.4, there are a few things you need to take care of. At first, I must warn you that you must disable the “Chroma” system app. And you must also disable the battery optimization option otherwise by default Android will optimize it.

Like it or not, notifications will only be displayed when the phone is locked (screen off or on lock screen). And do not hesitate to enable notification access for the app as it doesn’t ask for permission automatically.

Enjoy LogoPlus v1.0.4 for RazerPhone 2

If all the above requirements are now completed, you can install the app: LogoPlus v1.0.4.

Since it is a third party app, you’ll have to give permission so that your device allows installing the non-official application. For that, enter into Settings > App & Notifications > App Permission > LogoPlus > Enable permission by sliding the toggle.

Now there is nothing stopping you from trying out the LogoPlus v1.0.4 app. It is up to you to decide if it is indeed a reliable alternative for the stock Chroma configurator or not. And if you want, you can share your choice with us.

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