How to Increase Vibration on Galaxy S9

Your Samsung Galaxy S9, like most smartphones, allows you to be notified of messages or calls by ringing or vibration. Although some people are uncomfortable with disturbing vibrations that their phone makes, I am on the other side with those users who need vibration in order to stay connected with everything what’s happening around them.

Have you ever noticed a vibration whenever you’re typing on your device? Then, if you’re contented with how your Samsung Galaxy S9 vibrates, then you can leave it the way it is. However, most users would like to modify the vibration intensity of their Galaxy S9 smartphone. Yes, it might sound strange, but even vibration intensities can be modified.

This feature is fairly new, so you might be struggling to find the vibration intensity settings. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be tweaking vibrations for your S9 in no time.

How to Increase Vibration on your Galaxy S9:

  1. For the start, you have to navigate through the Notification Shade by sweeping down your finger from the upper part of the display;
  2. Up next, just press the gear symbol from the upper-right part and access the Settings;
  3. Select the option of “Sound and Notifications”;
  4. Then, you have to select the “Vibrations” one;
  5. Now, choose “Vibration intensity”;
  6. Once you’re done, you shall see three distinct options that you can modify. I am talking about: Notifications, Incoming call, as well as Vibration Feedback;
  7. By now, you will have different vibration levels for your keyboard, calls, alerts and notifications which will help you easily distinguish one alert from the other. So, my advice is to adjust any of these bars according to your preference. Dragging left or right will decrease or increase vibration intensity respectively.

That was all you had to do! Of course, if you decide that you need more help, simply use the comments section or the contact form to get in touch with me as soon as possible. Keep in mind that I am eager to help!

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