LG G7 will allow you to Get Rid of the Notch

Those of you who’re planning to buy an Android phone (released in 2018) might be lucky to spot one without a notch. I know that this has turned into a deciding factor for many buyers and I get your point. We have already seen the ASUS ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 5Z, some Oppo and Vivo phones, as well as Huawei P20 or P20 Lite adopting the display notch and it is a disaster.

The companies claim that having a notch increases display screen real estate, while users see it as a distraction or an annoying design element and even if there is an app to ease your pain, wouldn’t it be better to buy a device without a notch in the first place? Like it or not, the feature is expected to stay, at least through 2018, yet LG also has a surprise for you if the upcoming G7 is what you have in mind.

Is my assumption correct? In case of not already knowing, LG‘s G7 will also ship with a notch at the top of its screen that will house both the front-facing camera and earpiece. And by default, it’ll show with parts of the screen on either side visible. However, you should know from the start that there is a software tweak that LG will include in the G7 and precisely this tweak will allow you to get rid of it.

To be more precise, the company though of a software feature that will give you the chance to turn on a software-based bezel. To be more precise, a black strip will extend across the top of the screen and effectively hide the notch that you dislike. When it is turned on, the screen will basically look like there’s a black bezel at the top (a very think one, of course) instead of a thin bezel and a bold notch to distract you.

Isn’t this perfect? Be sure that I will keep an eye on things and return with fresh details on that! The handset could hit store shelves in May, so we are all eager to see it.

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