Activate Electronic Image Stabilization in Galaxy S8 Camera App

Samsung used a new Galaxy S8 camera app in Galaxy S8 and S8+ with a revamped interface, Bixby vision integration, and support for more gestures. The interface of Galaxy S8 camera app interface looks similar to that in Galaxy S7 with Android Nougat update, so you might have a familiar feel, yet some of the added features are completely new. This includes your chance to Activate Electronic Image Stabilization in Galaxy S8 Camera App.

Let me tell you that your smartphone Galaxy S8 can record optically and electronically stabilized 4K videos. This is something new and the weird part is that Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge owners actually asked for such a thing.

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The point is that EIS produces smoother videos, but I was initially confused by the fact that the smartphone is pre-configured by Samsung to record videos at just 1080p resolution. However, the good news is that you can change that and activate electronic image stabilization in the camera app with the help of a few simple steps:

Note: sadly, EIS is not available for the front-facing camera when recording videos in QHD resolution, but that’s how life works: you cannot have it all!

How to Activate Electronic Image Stabilization in Galaxy S8 Camera App:

  1. For the start, open the camera app;
  2. Hit the Settings icon on the top right corner of the screen;
  3. Enter the Video Size menu;
  4. Choose the UHD option;
  5. Up next, return to the main menu;
  6. Scroll down and search for the Video Stabilization option and activate it;
  7. You can now record 4K videos on your Galaxy S8 that are both optically and electronically stabilized. I have told you that it is incredibly easy, haven’t I?

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