Enable WiFi Tethering on Sprint LG G4 (No Root Required)

Do you own the Sprint model of LG G4 smartphone? Choosing a carrier is never an easy thing to do as long as you have to live with this decision every day.

What could be the disadvantages? Well, the list is a very long one, but today I want to talk about the fact that you have to deal with the annoying bloatware applications included by the carrier, while other features that you might want to use are locked down. Such an example is the WiFi tethering, but let me help you with this guide on how to enable WiFi Tethering on Sprint LG G4.

Mobile Hotspot or WiFi Tethering is a feature that lets you share your Internet with other WiFi enabled devices. You have the possibility to tether through Bluetooth and even through USB, but keep in mind that tethering through a Wi-Fi hotspot can support various devices at a time and offer faster speeds than Bluetooth.

And while hot spotting can easily drain the battery life of your device, the LG G4’s 3000mAh battery can is prepared to face such a challenge.

WiFi Tethering is a key feature that everyone wants to use – no one can deny that, but sadly, you see that many carriers decide to lock down this feature so that you do not consume more data. However, if you own a Sprint LG G4 you can enable WiFi Tethering, even without rooting (if you are not comfortable with such a procedure).

Enable WiFi Tethering on Sprint LG G4:

  1. For the start, you have to download QuickShortcutMaker from here;
  2. Install it right away;
  3. You must search for ‘hidden’ in the search box;
  4. You will see Service Program Menu;
  5. Tap on it to expand all the activities under it;
  6. Up next, select the activity with IOT Hidden Menu.
  7. Then click on try which will open the activity for IOT Hidden Menu;
  8. Now go into LTE Settings >APN Settings;
  9. Hit the Internet option;
  10. Scroll down and search for APN Type;
  11. Have you founf it? Tap on APN Type right away;
  12. Add following APN type to it ‘dun‘ separating it with a comma and tap on OK.
  13. Save your settings;
  14. Just tap on Save and you are good to go;
  15. Now go into Settings app;
  16. You must enable Mobile Hotspot;
  17. If you receive a popup saying “Due to network issues, tethering has been disabled”, do not hesitate to follow the same steps again but instead of selecting Internet in the APN settings, you should choose ‘cinet.spcs’.

That was all you had to do! There is nothing stopping you any longer from enjoying a native Wifi tethering on your Sprint LG G4 phone!

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2 Responses

  1. arthur2142 says:

    Does this work on the Sprint LG G3, as well?

  2. Jay says:

    This doesnt work says i dnt have permissions

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