How to Share AR Emoji on your Galaxy S9

The iPhone X’s animated emoji starred in a popular commercial and you can only imagine that Samsung wants in on that action, offering an Animoji rival with the Galaxy S9, in the form of AR Emoji. As you have already discovered, Samsung’s AR Emoji converts facial expressions into humanoid cartoons that can blink or smile and look so fun!

The iPhone X takes many data points of your face with its True Depth camera, while the company’s Galaxy S9 uses selfie photos and machine learning to create avatars, so some aren’t completely pleased by the result. I am not one of them and even if when animated, the S9’s emoji are a little creepy, I totally love to use them.

After you create your emoji, the S9 creates no less than 18 animated stickers of your emoji expressing various moods that you can share with your friends. It The result is hilarious (that’s the best word to describe it), not to mention that the Camera app is also where you record videos of yourself as an emoji.

After your stickers have been generated or you record a video of your avatar, you can share it with friends. Here’s how.

How to Share AR Emoji on your Galaxy S9:

  1. Open the Messages app;
  2. You have to select a contact or enter a new phone number;
  3. Then, tap the smiley face icon to the right of the message field;
  4. After that, you must select Stickers;
  5. From there, you can choose an animated GIF of your emoji expressing various moods to share with a friend;
  6. In case of using a third-party messaging app to share stickers, make sure it supports animated GIFs. If not, your expressive emoji will be sent as a still image. It’s not as charming as you intend;
  7. Tap the Send icon, which looks like a paper airplane;
  8. If you’d like to share a video of yourself as an emoji, then you must record it in the Camera app first;
  9. Tap the plus button to the left of the blank text field to select the video from your camera roll;
  10. In the end, just hit the Send icon.

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