Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Everything from Amazon Cloud Drive

Do you want enough space to store all those pictures from your family birthday parties, or holidays? Or maybe you have so many files and videos that are really important, but storing them seems like an impossible mission. Let me tell you from the very beginning the fact that Amazon has you covered in all these once again.

I am talking about Amazon Cloud Drive and if you don’t know it yet, Amazon Cloud Drive has desktop apps for Mac and Windows computers, as well as mobile apps for Android that can make your life so much better.

This option is available in 2 variants: Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Everything. Unlimited Photos is available for free if you use Amazon Prime, but if you don’t, then you have to pay $11.8 per year for the very same privilege.

However, this is an investment that you should take in consideration. In Unlimited photos, you have the possibility top upload unlimited photos and videos and other files up to 5 GB. At the same time, Unlimited Everything it is the best Cloud storage available at the moment of writing these. It is available for the US $60 per year and you can store unlimited data, being way more cheaper than any other current option – AND Dropbox (US $100 per year for 1TB) or the popular Google Drive (you can enjoy its advantages for no less than $120 per year for 1 TB).

And the truth is that the Amazon Cloud Drive has the ability to handle photos better than anything else. Just hover over a thumbnail image and like that, a slightly larger image appears, letting you see more detail. You can also see your images in a near-full screen slideshow, not to mention the videos part. Many fear that their videos don’t seem to be playable in list view, but the truth is that they are. Just open a left-side collapsible menu and choose Photos & Video; like that, the videos appear as tiles and they become playable.

However, things are just a little more complicated when it comes to documents as there is no way to see a preview of your documents or add notes to them, just as you can’t share entire folders – you can only choose to do so via email or by copying a public link, but nothing more than that.

Amazon Cloud Drive isn’t perfect, I know it, but are you looking of perfection? Let me know when you find it!

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