Get Used to Google’s Virtual Assistant in Allo

Google made a number of announcements back at Google I/O in May, and some of them included Google Allo and Duo. While Google Duo has been available for a couple of months and we know all about it, the company hasn’t revealed too much about Google Allo until now. Allo is here and what a nice surprise we received!

Allo comes with some machine learning built in, courtesy of Google Assistant, the company’s virtual assistant. What are the benefits coming along with it’? Well, I first think about the Smart Replies which aren’t stagnated quick reply options as it happens on many other messaging platforms, but Google claims that Assistant will learn over time and provide you personalized answers.

Google lets you add a middleman to your mobile chats and for that, start a chat with a contact and then, just type “@google” in the text input field. After that, you can ask your Google assistant to give you any info. After all, this is your very own personal Google, always ready to help, so it will provide you with what you require – be it info about the weather or an idea for your dinner restaurant. What I like is that this is contextual and will always remember previous conversations, so there is nothing stooping you from continuing the conversation from where you left off last time.

Things are taken to a new level: let’s imagine this scenario where you and a friend are discussing about seeing a new movie, a smart reply might come with a suggestion showing you the latest movies being played on the cinema you usually go. Tap that, see more details and then, you can even make a reservation. After all, you have a personal virtual assistant who’s not at all shy about interfering into the conversation.

This is the Assistant support that many dreamed of for a long time, as you can talk to it anytime as it seems to be waiting for you with the best replies possible, it talks to you, can send a joke to you, give you weather updates on demand and make a search on Google for you. Even more, you have all sorts or interesting dialogues with Allo’s Assistant. You can ask it whether it sleeps, if it is passionate about Italian food or Chinese movies, if it’s into sports and much more.

Wouldn’t it be fun to do all these and to have this Assistant ready to help you all the time?

Speaking of assistants, let me refresh your mind with some other options that Android users love to use:

  • Just Ask for Help and you’ll Receive it with the amazing Dragon Mobile Assistant that lets you perform various tasks without lifting a finger;
  • You can also try out EVA, a Great Virtual Assistant for Android that comes packed with all the functions you’d expect your Android assistant to have;
  • Jarvis can also Become your Android Personal Assistant, just as Robin is the perfect Android Driving Assistant.

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