Poco F1: How to Solve Unresponsive Touchscreen Problem

In the Indian smartphone market, an average buyer needs great value at a pocket-friendly budget. That’s precisely what Xiaomi’s sub-brand Poco offered them. Poco F1 has everything a premium flagship packs, but doesn’t cost a fortune. And many appreciate that Xiaomi has generally been supportive of the third-party custom development community, allowing the Poco F1 to become the affordable flagship of the moment.

In this article, I intend to address a very common issue in Xiaomi Poco F1 smartphone and next, with the proven solutions to it. So, don’t panic if you are dealing with the unresponsive touchscreen issue too. Some users claim that the touchscreen stopped working and doesn’t respond to any taps. Others describe how the touch screen doesn’t respond correctly or they are just tired of all those repeated touch screen lags.

All problems related to the screen are not always the result of a physical or hardware damage. It’s true that high temperature, cold, moisture, static electricity can all damage the touchscreen of your Poco F1, but what if it isn’t the case? Don’t go there, at least not yet!

Some other reasons along with the solutions are mentioned below, so keep in reading. I think of a software update, for example. Or at performance-draining apps that crash the phone and make the touchscreen unresponsive.

How to Solve Unresponsive Touchscreen Problem:

  • Before rushing into any other troubleshooting procedure, restart your Android Poco phone to fix software glitches that may prevent the screen from functioning. It may sound pretty basic, but when your touchscreen stops working, simply restarting could save you of a lot of later trouble;
  • Make sure to clean the screen properly and gently, to rule out the moisture possibility too. So, wipe the touch screen with a lint-free cloth. And remember to avoid operating the phone through the screen when your fingers are wet, dirty, or covered by gloves;
  • Make sure that all apps are in working condition. Corrupted third-party apps could also cause touchscreen problems such as yours. Under the safe mode, all third-party apps that you download will be disabled, so that’s your next move. Boot in Safe mode and if the touchscreen works well, then you should uninstall some of the third-party apps. Start with those that were installed recently;
  • Moving on, verify if a new patch or a new update is available for the OS;
  • If the touch screen is completely unresponsive, factory resetting it may help. However, this will delete all data in your Poco F1 device. So, don’t make any move before taking a backup to your Google account.

If your touch screen still doesn’t work, you might not like the sound of it. It will probably require professional repairs. So, good luck!

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