The Best Xposed Framework Modules

Xposed modules are small applications that plug directly into the Android operating system and give you full control over the look and feel of your phone, being your chance to get nearly all the features that are generally available in custom ROMs. And despite its immense power, all of these changes can be undone simply be deactivating or uninstalling the module, and rebooting your phone.

Xposed Framework isn’t guaranteed to work on every phone, nor are the individual models. They are generally designed to work with handsets running at least on Android 4.0 and later devices and sometimes, there have been reported errors about heavily modified ROMs, or devices that heavily modify certain pieces of code such as Samsung.

However, these are only isolated cases and in general, these are unofficial builds out there for TouchWiz and other versions of Android waiting to be enjoyed.

If you also dream of various customization options and nifty features, here I want to present you the Best Xposed Framework Modules:

Awesome Pop-up Video

This module lives up to its name. This amazing app is ideal for multitaskers as it lets you watch a video in a little pop-up window while you’re working in another app. Even more, the app has its own gallery of suggested videos, but it also works in other players such as the official YouTube app. All you have to do is to open your video, hit the Share button, then select Awesome Pop-up Video from the list, and you’re done!

Take Awesome Pop-up Video by entering here.

Google Search/Now API
Google Now’s Voice Actions works only with a list of commands and their variations and has no kind of API for third-party apps to plugin to. This module saves the day and adds an unofficial API to Google Now, letting users to perform any pre-specified task by using any custom voice command.

It is only up to you to configure tasks for a particular voice command using Tasker and AutoVoice, but be careful as this is only for advanced users!

Download Google Search/Now API from here.

ExThemer and ExThemer 2
These amazing modules will change the look of nearly every aspect of your device. ExThemer allows you to change the system theme on the go— right from the status bar, icons, notification panel to the progress bar, along with other unique options— while the latter allows you to change the look of apps to great extent. All changes are private to each app and be sure that these modules are perfectly stable.

Take ExThemer by entering here or ExThemer 2 from here.

Xposed GEL Settings
The Google Experience Launcher (GEL), introduced exclusively by Google for the Nexus 5, in KitKat lacks any kind of customization settings, just as Google Now Launcher is a very stable launcher, but it has almost no support for customization. Xposed GEL Settings is here to solve these problems as this module adds a bunch of settings to GEL from simple things like removing the omnipresent Google search bar, all the way to hiding apps from the drawer, changing the icon size, and homescreen and app drawer grid size among others.

The developer is also working on adding support for Icon packs, which should make the combination of this module and GEL a viable alternative to Nova or Apex launcher. And if you want to upgrade to the premium version, you also have the chance to add notification badges to icons to show the number of unread emails or texts and not only.

Take Xposed GEL Settings from here.

Gravity Box
Gravity Box has always been among the biggest reasons to use Xposed. It’s an unbelievably comprehensive tool for enhancing the Android user interface and you have to know from the start the fact that Gravity Box is not bound to any specific device. In reality, it can actually run on any device having at least Vanilla Android 4.4 (ROM close enough to AOSP).

And as I have told you, almost every part of the Android experience can be easily tweaked or improved with this utility; feel free to customize the LED notifications, add an app launcher to the navigation bar, to, switch to an experimental left-handed mode, along with other small tweaks such as being able to press the volume buttons to skip tracks in your music player, changing the dimensions and icons of the Navigation bar or making a double-tap of the home button reopen your last-closed app.

Take it from here and give it a try too.

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