Minuum Keyboard – the ideal little keyboard for big fingers

Are you looking for a fresh keyboard for your Android device? If you are not afraid to experiment and brake any barriers, then let me tell you that the Minuum keyboard is far from any typical QWERTY keyboard that you might have in mind. Developers present it as being the ideal little keyboard for big fingers and you will immediately see why they are saying that.

Although the positions of the letters are similar, be prepared to discover the fact that the entire alphabet appears on the same line. Also note that the keyboard that I am telling you about comes in the familiar QWERTY style with all letters reading from left to right as they appear on a normal keyboard and not alphabetically.

It might seem strange at first, I know it, but this practically means that Minuum is one of the smallest Android keyboards that you can find at this point which makes it really, really simple to use.

While it may not be the fastest, Minuum is a great keyboard for those who want save screen space, as they are able to see more messages from their conversation on the screen while they type a reply. Because the keyboard is so close to the bottom of the screen, you are able to see more above and can get more out of your conversation because you don’t have to scroll up as much to answer a question or address something.

However, I must warn you from the start that you should not expect flawless word prediction, but I have seen far worst cases than that from keyboards with a big name! Other than that, I see no reason for not trying it out!

I truly find Minuum as being an excellent all-around keyboard with great functions from many of the apps that you can find on Google Play, so don’t waste any more time! Access this link and install it on your Android device.

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