How to Play Pixel Dungeon on Android

Pixel Dungeon is a game by watabou that become more popular than everyone expected. This came as a surprise as long as it is a game that can run comfortably on any Android device (even if it might not be a high-end one) because of its light weight and less demand on the possibly limited resources of your Android device. To be more precise, Pixel Dungeon has no less than 2.90mb, so I bet that I have captured your attention.

This interesting game comes with pixel-art graphics and a very simple interface. In it, you explore the depths of Pixel Dungeon, collect various items, fight fierce monsters to find the Amulet of Yendor and your mission is really important as this is the ultimate artifact of this game world.

Let me tell you that the most important thing to learn first is how to use line of sight when fighting. It’s true that many prefer using doorways to land guaranteed hits, but let me tell you that you can also use 180 degree walls (like making a U-turn). Besides that, you can use a single tile of high grass in the middle of a room to dance around and land multiple surprise attacks.

The key here is breaking their line of sight with you. If the mob cannot see you and has to spent their turn moving into position to see you, then be sure that your next attack cannot miss. However, the latest version of shattered requires that you have the correct strength to use your weapon for this to apply. And I assume this was done to prevent you from using a weapon that is way too heavy for you and one-shotting everything at the lower levels (a good change).

Using surprise/ambush attacks is essential to killing mobs while taking as little damage as possible and it becomes even more important in the higher levels as mobs have very high evasion and can hit very hard. Trading blows at the higher levels is bad, so be careful!

The game is rated for 12+ (moderate violence), so it can be played by you or by your kids too. And it has over 1.5 million installs, so there are plenty of people there who love it!

You can be one of them too, so grab Pixel Dungeon from this direct Google Play link.

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