How to Fix LG G5 Proximity Sensors Error

I bet that you love your LG G5, but there are known issues with the proximity sensors in some LG G5 devices. Well, these sensors are supposed to do one simple thing: they should tell when you’re holding the phone to your face and turn the screen off, but many LG G5 users confirm that they are not getting things right.

Those with screen protectors report that the sensors think you’re still holding the device up when you’re not, so it’s practically impossible to access features during calls and when a call is over, the screen stays off.

Even more, when certain LG G5 users try to make a call and hold the phone to their ear, the screen does go off like it’s supposed to, but if they move the phone even a little bit, the screen comes on in a blink of an eye.

Some even claim that their ear triggers one of the on screen buttons, so they are constantly hearing the beeps of the keypad and they simply have to jam the phone closer to the ear and not move it to keep the screen from coming back on during a call.

How to Fix LG G5 Proximity Sensors Error:

  • For the beginning, try recalibrating the sensor. To do that, key in *#546368#*860# – where 860 is nothing else than the model number of your G5. Then, you have to enter into Device Test > SAAT > Service Menu Manual Test > Key Press Test > Cal Start;
  • Do you have a screen protector on your LG G5 screen that is covering or partially covering the proximity sensor? Such screen protectors are supposed to do no harm, but they are also notorious for causing issues such these, so take a closer look and remove it if so;
  • Also, make sure the proximity sensor area on your screen if free of any oils or dirt that may easily end up there from your ear or hands;
  • Try on an app known as Sensor Kinetics. Install it with the help of this link, open it, scroll down to “Proximity Sensor” and click the graph button on the right. Up next, click the start button, wait for the message to clear then hold your hand over the sensor, then take it away, and repeat. Sensor Kinetics is an advanced viewer and monitor for all of the standard sensors available in your Android device, so you’ll know if there is something wrong with your LG G5;
  • Even more, you are most definitely within the warranty period, so if nothing seems to work, don’t waste any more time. You should be able to get your LG G5 replaced if you can show the sensor is failing.

What about you? Have you encountered any other issues with your LG G5? How did you fix them? Don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments area from below as others need help too. And you are never alone into this either, so keep on reading more about the best and the worst from your LG G5 smartphone.

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