Send Fake Location on WhatsApp via Fake GPS location App

Do you want to send fake location to WhatsApp? Maybe the idea of sending your real location annoys you, but some best buddies don’t get that. Or maybe it isn’t your choice, but your girlfriend’s one. Her agony of tracking you through Whatsapp status messages, Whatsapp DP Pics, Whatsapp display messages, text messages and current location may be well motivated, but a little comfort is sometimes required. In such cases, a guide on how to send fake location on WhatsApp can really be a life saver!

You can do it via the popular Fake GPS location App which is similar to other GPS faking apps, with features like location history, moving stimulation, as well as favorite locations, but also special in other ways.

Let me assure you of the fact that the Fake GPS app brings a modern interface that it is impossible not to love using. And besides that, you have the chance to choose between various map types like Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid, OpenStreet Map and the usual map. Other than that, you can search for a location by address or the ZIP code, so give it a try and you will see how easy is to use it and achieve your main goal.

Send Fake Location on WhatsApp via Fake GPS location App:

  1. At first, you need to take Fake GPS location App on your Android device;
  2. You should also find your way into Settings > About phone and then tap 7 times on Build number to activate developer mode in your Android;
  3. Now, you’ll see new settings of Developer options;
  4. Go again into Settings and click on Allow Mock Locations button;
  5. Open Fake location App in you Android Select search button from the top and search your desired location;
  6. Then, just simply click on set location button;
  7. Open WhatsApp and send the location selected in Fake GPS App to anyone.

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