How to Use Smart Stay on the Galaxy S8+ Device

When it comes to your new Galaxy S8+, unlike some other options, Smart Stay isn’t new, but it is quite handy and loved by Samsung users for years and years. In this guide, I intend to show you how to use Smart Stay on Samsung Galaxy S8+, so keep on reading.

Smart Stay is the feature that keeps the screen every time the user is looking at it. This is possible with the help of the front facing camera in order to detect the face and eyes. When you are holding your Galaxy S8+ and looking at its screen, the front facing camera will detect it, and the screen will stay turned on as long as you keep looking at it.

However, you need to look towards the screen to keep your phone unlocked. In case you don’t look directly at the screen, the screen will go off. This feature basically consumes additional battery power because the front-facing camera turned on to monitor whether you’re looking at the screen, but the truth is that your phone’s battery life might actually be increased.

After all, this takes care of keeping the screen on only when it’s necessary, so it actually depends on how you are seeing things.

How to Use Smart Stay on the Galaxy S8+ Device:

  1. Click on the Settings icon;
  2. Next, tap Advanced features;
  3. You will see Smart Stay on the list;
  4. At this point, you must only tap on it;
  5. Then, simply activate the Smart Stay toggle, and you are good to go! Just remember that you have to be within sight of the front facing camera, so if the your Galaxy S8+ is lying down or in a stand, Smart stay will not work.

This feature also requires some special lighting needs in order to work; it seems that when it gets dark, Smart stay can’t see you and the screen turns off, so it becomes simply unable to function. And make sure that the front-facing camera is not in use by another application because this could also lead to errors.

When the front camera can’t detect a face, just ask yourself if there’s something wrong that you are doing.

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